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How much does an implant cost?

Implants are used in many different capacities to solve many dental problems. The surgical cost to place a single implant cost about $1,900. From that point on, it completely depends what the implant will be used for.

If it is intended to replace a single tooth, then there is frequently the added cost of an “abutment” and a crown. If the implant is used as an anchor for dentures or replacements for partials, then typically two implants are involved. There are connective elements such as bars, balls, clips, and snaps to keep the prosthesis in place.

If dental implants are intended to anchor a denture bridge so it functions as a non-removable replacement for missing teeth, then 4, six or more implants are necessary.

So, the answer to this question depends upon what needs to be accomplished with the implant treatment. It’s like asking how much an airplane costs: Is it a Piper Cub or a 747 jet liner?

The best way to find out specifics is to have an exam, tell Dr. Binon what you would like to accomplish with treatment and discuss the options available to you. You will be told the pros and cons of treatment, how long it takes and how much it costs. Then you have the correct information on which to base a decision.

Dental Implant Cost Considerations | Sacramento, Roseville

How long will implant treatment take?

Again, one of those questions with many answers. A single tooth replacement can take 4 to 6 months. Sometimes we can place the tooth immediately, but it depends on the quality of your bone.

How long will it take to build a road? Is it from Sacramento to New York or from Sacramento to Roseville? There is a big difference in the time for those two projects, and the same holds true for growing bone. Other considerations include how many implants are involved and what type of bridge, crown, or denture are we placing?

It does take time for the bone to grow and integrate with the implant, and that runs from 3 to 5 months or more depending on patient specifics. If the process is sped up any further, risk of losing the implant greatly increases.

Can you have teeth in a day?

Sure you can. However, it’s not as it is advertised by some multi-location corporate franchises.

Teeth in a Day start well before you get the teeth the day of the surgery. You have considerable preliminary work done before the teeth are made by the technician.

Once they are ready, we complete the surgery and place the teeth that same day. Having the teeth placed on the same day of the surgery requires precise planning. It also has limitations as to the applications in which it can be used. The procedure is most commonly used for full denture, fixed bridges and variations thereof.

How long has Dr. Binon been doing implants?

The scientifically proven implants were first introduced to North America by Dr. PI Branemark, the Swedish orthopedic surgeon who developed them in 1982. Dr. Binon obtained training at the University of Washington the following year from Dr. Branemark, and he and his team have been restoring and placing implants ever since that time.

That amounts to over 40 years and many thousands of implants.

Dr. Messenger and Dr. Binon were the first team to introduce the Swedish implant to the Sacramento area. The technical and scientific advancements that have been made during that time have been phenomenal. Dr. Binon has had the privilege of being a part of that advancement by contributing research that impacted several aspects of the design and engineering of implants.

I am afraid of having dental treatment. I am a dental phobic. Can you help me?

Sedation Dentist Sacramento - Paul P. Binon DDS MSDThere is no reason to put off dental treatment because you are fearful of what is involved. All of us have different pain tolerances. Sometimes we have had a terrible experience and are fearful that we may experience the same thing again. Today, there are options.

In our office we have provided sedation dentistry for many years. The medicine administered removes any anxiety and anticipated pain. You are sedated in a safe manner with the confidence that you will not experience or remember what occurred.

We also offer oral sedation. Medication is administered in pill form that relieves the anxiety associated with your dental visit. It is less effective than the IV sedation, but does help many people over come the anxiety and fear associated with dental treatment.

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