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There are more ways than ever before to leverage dental implant technology to replace your missing teeth. While dental implants are often used to create a replacement for a single missing tooth, this technology can also help you replace an entire arch of teeth. Today, utilization of dental implants is limited only by the skill, imagination and training of your dentist.

If you're tired of the hassles associated with ill-fitting dentures, you may want to consider a bone-anchored bridge as an alternative. This option provides you with all of the benefits associated with dental implants, while giving you an affordable option to replace an entire arch of teeth.

Dr. Paul Binon has performed hundreds of bone-anchored bridge procedures since 1983, achieving highly predictable, successful outcomes. He can customize the procedure to address your unique individual needs.

You can receive individualized treatment recommendations and find out whether a bone-anchored bridge is the ideal tooth replacement solution for you by speaking with Dr. Binon in person. Please call 916-786-6676 today to schedule a consultation. We serve patients in Roseville, Sacramento and throughout the surrounding areas of California.

What is a Bone-Anchored Bridge?

A bone-anchored bridge is a fixed dental bridge that replaces the entire dental arch. It is typically supported by 4-6 dental implants which are spaced appropriately throughout the dental arch. These implants allow the bridge to be anchored permanently so that there is no movement of your dental restoration and full chewing function is restored.

This dental restoration consists of a hybrid denture that sits on the implants inserted into your jawbone. It is generally made of a titanium CAD/CAM reinforcement bar with pink resin and high-strength denture teeth. It's also possible to make your bone-anchored bridge out of a monolithic zirconia (a very high strength ceramic material) that is computer-milled and colored to match the shade of your natural teeth. For the best aesthetic results, the zirconia can be used as a substructure and each individual tooth is made of special porcelain crowns.

Bone-anchored bridges are slightly different than implant-supported bridges, which consist of a fixed dental bridge that replaces only a segment of the dental arch. These restorations are made from either a ceramo-metal material or an all-ceramic material depending on the number of teeth which need to be replaced.

Before & After Implant-Supported Bridge | Dr Binon

Am I a Candidate for a Bone-Anchored Bridge?

Ideal bone-anchored bridge candidates have a failing set of teeth along either the upper or lower arch, but prefer a different tooth replacement solution than conventional removable dentures. This failing set of teeth can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Chronic gum disease
  • Extensive continued tooth decay, often associated with dry mouth
  • Trauma
  • Failure of key support teeth in the dental arch that are required to restore a smaller number of missing teeth with more conventional solutions

You may still be a good candidate even if you have some remaining teeth in your arch. If these remaining teeth aren't healthy, then it may not make sense to keep them long term. When the remaining teeth are too few or too weak to achieve reliable results with traditional dental implant restorations, you might be better off extracting these teeth and using a bone-anchored bridge to replace the entire arch.

One final factor to consider is cost. Using a bone-anchored bridge is significantly less expensive than replacing a large number of missing teeth with traditional dental implants. You will need to weigh the economic impact of restoring a large number of teeth with implants compared with the cost of extracting the remaining teeth and using a bone-anchored bridge to replace the entire arch.

Complete Dental Arch Replacement Anchored by 4 Implants

Benefits of Bone-Anchored Bridges

Bone-anchored bridges offer several important benefits, including:

  • Functionality -- Replicates the function of your natural teeth
  • Excellent aesthetics -- Allows you to achieve teeth that have the ideal size, shape and color
  • Durability -- When maintained properly, bone-anchored bridges can last a lifetime
  • Restores optimal oral health -- Virtually eliminates pressure on gums and halts bone shrinkage commonly experienced with the use of dentures

17 Years after Placement of Bone-Anchored Bridge | Roseville

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If you need to replace multiple missing teeth, a bone-anchored bridge may be the right option for you. Find out if you're a good candidate by speaking with Dr. Binon.

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