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February 06, 2017


Please take your medications as prescribed plus Acidophilus (a non-prescription food supplement) throughout the antibiotic treatment. Avoid smoking for at least 2 weeks! Do not wear partials or dentures until cleared with Dr. Binon or Dr. Pritsky. Pain may increase over 24 hours,... Read Full Post
February 02, 2017
Dentures quite often start out reasonable well. As long as there is bone to keep the dentures stable they can be tolerated by many. But when the bone resorbs, at a rate of 5% each year, living with dentures becomes more difficult as the suction between the mouth and the denture is lost. About one... Read Full Post
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February 01, 2017


With a positive attitude, patience and practice, you’ll be facing the future with confidence. And before long, your smile will come as easily as ever. When you first start wearing your dentures, you may notice that they feel large in your mouth and your lips feel... Read Full Post
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