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Dental crowns are one of the most versatile dental restorations. Dr. Binon can use a dental crown to address a wide range of issues and help restore a beautiful, healthy smile. During your initial visit, Dr. Binon will recommend the right treatment to address your unique oral health concerns. If he feels a crown will provide the best results, he’ll discuss the procedure with you in greater detail.

Common Reasons You May Need a Dental Crown

illustration of a dental crownDr. Binon may recommend a dental crown to address the following issues:

  • To repair a tooth with extensive damage or decay
  • To protect a tooth with a large filling that is wearing out
  • To restore a fractured tooth
  • To correct large chips or cracks
  • To protect a tooth which requires root canal treatment
  • To support a dental bridge
  • To provide a prosthetic replacement tooth during a dental implant procedure

In addition, dental crowns can be used to improve the aesthetics of a tooth. Dr. Binon may recommend a crown to cover a misshapen tooth or to restore the appearance of a discolored tooth.

Dental Crowns vs. Fillings

If you only need to repair minor tooth decay, then you will most likely be able to address the issue with a filling. However, there are circumstances when the decay is so extensive that it requires the removal of a large portion of your natural tooth structure. In these instances, a filling may not be an adequate option, and you will need a dental crown to restore a healthy tooth.

The following factors will determine whether a crown or a filling is the best option for you:

  • The severity of decay present
  • The presence of other oral health issues
  • Your desired results

Dental Crown Options

There are several dental crown options available:

  • Metal crowns – Metal crowns are highly durable and can withstand normal biting forces. In addition, they take a very long time to wear down. However, their metallic color makes them an unsightly option for front teeth. In general, metal crowns are best suited to back teeth which aren’t visible to others.
  • Resin crowns – These dental crowns are made of a composite resin material. They are generally less expensive than other options, making them an attractive solution for individuals on a tight budget. However, they will also wear down more quickly than other types of crowns, and they are more prone to fracture. In general, the lower cost isn’t worth sacrificing quality and durability.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns – These crowns have a metal under-layer with a porcelain covering. They provide the strength and durability of metal crowns with some of the cosmetic benefits associated with all-porcelain crowns. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns can be color matched to your adjacent teeth, making them look more natural than metal crowns. However, in some instances the underlying metal layer may result in the appearance of a dark line near the gums. As a result, this option is better suited to back or side teeth which aren’t as visible.
  • All-porcelain crowns – These dental crowns provide the best aesthetic results and will blend in seamlessly with your smile. In addition, they are durable enough to withstand normal bite forces, making them a great option for front and back teeth alike.

Dr. Binon prefers all-porcelain crowns due to their durability and beautiful aesthetics.

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