Post-Surgery Diet

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After surgery, drink plenty of cool fluids, such as water and low-acid fruit juices. Avoid hot foods and drinks for at least one full day.

Do not eat until after the local anesthetic has worn off, as you may unknowingly bite yourself. A soft diet is recommended for the first week after surgery. Chop food into smaller pieces or use a blender.

Throughout the healing period, a nutritious diet is important. Patients who maintain a good diet of soft foods generally feel better, have less discomfort, and heal better.

A daily multiple-vitamin is also recommended.

Food supplements such as Metrecal, Nutrament, Ensure, Instant Breakfast, etc., may be helpful. Please avoid acidic foods such as tomatoes, peppers, and citrus fruits, as well as highly seasoned foods. Also avoid hard foods, which require heavy biting pressure for chewing.


  • Apple juice, water, milk, WARM not HOT coffee &/or tea.
  • Yogurt, cooked cereals (such as oatmeal or cream of wheat)
  • Scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, milk toast, applesauce

Lunch and Dinner

  • Home-cooked broth, bouillon, soups. Ground beef, baked or broiled fish, broiled or stewed chicken (finely chopped)
  • Macaroni and cheese, scrambled eggs, bread softened with gravy
  • Baked or mashed potatoes
  • Asparagus, peas, carrots, lima beans, string beans (all mashed)
  • Cottage cheese, canned Bartlett pears
  • Jell-O, puddings, pound cake
  • Milkshakes and ice cream