How Dental Implants Stop Further Tooth Loss

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How Dental Implants Stop Further Tooth Loss | Roseville, CATooth loss can occur for many reasons such as a mouth injury, severe gum disease or infection. Losing a tooth can be embarrassing and impact your social and work life, but it also has an immense impact on your oral health. Whether you’ve lost a front tooth or one of your back molars, you need to replace them with dental implants or risk losing several more teeth.

Several changes happen when you lose a tooth:

  • Your alveolar (jaw) bone begins the process of resorption which is the withering away of the bone due to a lack of stimulation and pressure from the missing tooth. This bone degrades very quickly, up to 25 percent in one year, and makes it difficult to place a dental implant abutment, meaning you may require a bone graft to restore your oral health.
  • Your teeth shift to fill the gap. The adjacent teeth depended on the missing tooth to maintain their position. With the tooth gone, they will migrate to fill the new space, causing an avalanche of other problems.
  • Shifting teeth cause a misaligned bite. Crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth require orthodontics for a reason. They can cause jaw pain and may contribute to TMJ disorders. By replacing the missing tooth, you can preserve your bite and avoid unnecessary pain or discomfort later on.
  • Your face changes shape. The changes listed above give your facial appearance a sunken look as the bone recesses, and the teeth migrate.

Those alterations in your oral health caused by tooth loss will eventually lead you to lose more teeth because it’s more difficult to maintain good dental hygiene and bone resorption combined with advanced gum disease causes your remaining teeth to loosen. Dental implants are arguably the best way to restore your smile, your health and prevent further issues. A titanium abutment (post) is placed inside the jawbone where your tooth root used to be. The bone attaches to the post over time and a dental crown is placed on top of it to mimic your natural teeth and maintain a straight, healthy smile and youthful facial shape.

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