Denture Adhesive

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Dentures quite often start out reasonable well. As long as there is bone to keep the dentures stable they can be tolerated by many. But when the bone resorbs, at a rate of 5% each year, living with dentures becomes more difficult as the suction between the mouth and the denture is lost. About one third to one half of the denture wearers use denture adhesive to regain the suction. When I recommend denture adhesive I always tell the patient to use just a little bit here and there. But it always turns out that they apply way more that needed. Some people get carried away and want total security and apply a quarter of a tube a day. Swallowing that much material is not good for you and can make you sick.

Recent studies have indicated that denture adhesive abuse, using multiple tubes of adhesive every week, can result in the ingestion and absorption of zinc. They are literally eating the material. In small quantities it is harmless, but in excessive quantities it results in a copper deficiency that can lead to neurological symptoms. Long-term use can have devastating effects such as peripheral neuropathy among other neurological symptoms that have not been fully investigated.

So what’s the bottom line? Avoid loosing your teeth. If its too late and you have dentures, make sure they are fitted as well as possible. If your dentures don’t fit, have them relined or new ones made. If you must use  adhesive apply as little as possible.

A dab yes, a tube no. Typically dentures need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years due to wear and loss of bone. But sometimes there is so little denture that even the best-fitted denture will not work. So the answer is have some implants placed. It will solve many problems.

The dentures stay in place and YES without adhesive. So you don’t swallow the glue and besides: you can eat better, have security and comfort, look better, prevent further bone loss, avoid the “denture look” and depending on the choices you make, you won’t have to remove them.

Do you want to learn more about this service ask us or better yet, ask one of the many hundreds of patients that we have made comfortable and happy. We will gladly share the names. Worried about the cost? Be informed talk to us.

There are many different implant options for both the upper and lower jaw, so don’t be misled that there are limited choices. With those choices come different expense levels as well. I have been treating patients with implants since 1983.  Experience counts.  If you have lost all or some of your teeth there are solutions.  Enjoy a better quality of life, call us today at 916-786-6676.

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