Dental Implants vs. Dentures: Which Is Right for Me?

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Failing to replace missing teeth isn’t a smart decision. You will be susceptible to a wide range of oral health issues, including bone deterioration, additional tooth loss, shifting of remaining teeth and an increased risk of gum disease. You’re much better off replacing your missing teeth and reducing your risk of developing these serious problems.

Two of the most common tooth replacement options we offer are dental implants and dentures. While dental implants provide you with the most effective solution, they may not be the ideal option for you. Factors such as your jawbone density, the health of your gum tissue and remaining teeth, and your budget will play a major role in which option you should choose. It’s important to understand your choices so that you can be an active participant in the decision-making process.

Dental Implants

dental implants vs. dentures infographicDental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement option. Your restoration consists of three components:

  • A titanium implant that gets inserted into your jaw and functions as a replacement tooth root
  • A small metal rod, called an abutment, that connects the implant with your prosthetic tooth
  • A dental crown that serves as your replacement tooth

In order to be a suitable dental implant candidate, you must have sufficient bone density in your jaw to accommodate the implant. You must also be free of other oral health issues such as periodontal disease. In some instances, Dr. Binon can perform a bone graft to restore proper bone structure.

You’ll experience the following benefits when you choose dental implants:

  • Preserves remaining jawbone, which reduces your risk of additional tooth loss and helps prevent a sunken facial appearance
  • Looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth
  • Replaces your missing root along with your missing tooth
  • Provides a durable, long-lasting restoration
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Withstands normal bite forces and restores full chewing capabilities
  • Eliminates chewing and speech issues that occur when poorly fitting dentures slip
  • Eliminates the need for messy creams and adhesives

However, it’s important to understand that dental implants involve a surgical procedure and a lengthy recovery process. It can take between 3-6 months for your jawbone to heal and fuse with the implant, so you must be willing to commit to a long treatment time.


If you’re missing a large number of teeth, dentures are often a great option. They can be used to replace several teeth (partial dentures) or a full arch of missing teeth (full dentures). You can replace your missing teeth much faster with dentures since there is no lengthy recovery process. In addition, modern dentures are much more comfortable, natural looking and effective than the traditional dentures used years ago. You can achieve a much more comfortable fit and restore the majority of your chewing ability.

However, there are certain limitations associated with dentures:

  • Missing root is not replaced
  • Doesn’t preserve remaining jawbone, which can lead to additional tooth loss and deterioration of facial structure
  • Must be removed at night for cleaning
  • Require messy creams and adhesives
  • Prone to slipping, which can cause problems with speech and chewing

In some instances, a series of dental implants can be used to support your dentures. This will provide a more secure fit and eliminate some of the issues discussed above.

Cost Considerations

Dental implants are a much more expensive solution. If you have a limited budget, this can be a factor in which option is right for you. In addition, this cost disparity grows exponentially when you are missing a large number of teeth. In these situations, implant-supported dentures may be your best choice.

Dr. Binon is committed to making sure your desired option can fit into your budget. To accomplish this goal, we offer a variety of financing options, including low-interest and no-interest plans. During your initial consultation, our staff will review these financing options with you in detail and help you fill out all necessary paperwork.

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