How Long Does the Dental Implant Process Take?

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Depending on your unique situation, the dental implant process will take several months to a year or more. Much of this time is required to allow the body to integrate the implant and heal from the placement surgery.

Patience and a qualified dentist are the keys to successful dental implantation. Dr. Paul Binon is a respected authority on dental implants. In addition to his academic contributions to the field, he has performed numerous implant procedures. His research and experience in the field give him a unique ability to take patients safely and successfully through their initial consultation to their final smile restoration.

Initial Phase of the Dental Implant Process


The first step is to meet with Dr. Binon for an initial consultation. After completing an oral exam, taking x-rays, and gathering some information on your general health, Dr. Binon will be able to determine if implants are the best option for you.

This is the perfect time for you to ask any questions you might have regarding the procedure and your oral health. If you and Dr. Binon conclude that dental implants are the solution for your needs, it is time to address any existing conditions that need to be resolved before surgery.

Pre-Surgery Treatments, if Applicable

Many patients do not require preparatory treatments before their implant surgery. However, there are some conditions that need to be resolved before implants can be placed. These include:

  • Gum disease – Healthy gums are crucial for successful implant placement and healing. If you have gum disease, you will need to restore the health of your gums before you can have implant surgery.
  • Jawbone recession – Bone grafting is needed if your jawbone has receded too much to support an implant. The necessary healing time for a bone graft can postpone your implant surgery for several months.

Second Phase of the Dental Implant Process

Dental Implant Surgery

Surgery time will vary depending on how many implants Dr. Binon is placing in your mouth. In most cases, it takes about an hour to place one titanium implant. This is just an estimate, as each patient is unique.

Recovery Time

Once a dental implant is placed, it takes three to six months for the implant to fuse to your jawbone. This is known as osseointegration. Follow-up visits with Dr. Binon may be necessary during your recovery to monitor the healing process.

Third Phase of the Dental Implant Process

Placing the Abutment, if Applicable

The abutment attaches to the implant and serves as the connecting piece between the implant post and the implant crown, bridge, or denture. It protrudes from the gums and is visible in your mouth until a prosthesis is placed over top.

Some implants include an abutment when they are placed, allowing you to avoid an extra placement procedure. However, some patients prefer to have the additional surgery rather than having visible abutments for the length of the osseointegration process. You will need to allow your gums a few weeks to heal after an abutment placement. You and Dr. Binon will discuss these two options in your consultation to determine the optimal approach for you.

Impressions for your Prosthesis

Once abutments have been placed and your gums have healed, Dr. Binon will take impressions of your mouth to create a custom prosthesis. The shade of your existing teeth will be matched to result in a natural-looking tooth replacement. It can take a week or more to have the prosthesis created.

Prosthesis Placement

When the prosthesis is ready, you will come into the office to have it seated. Dr. Binon will make sure the prosthesis fits securely and looks aesthetically pleasing. He will have you schedule two or more follow-up appointments over the first year to check that the prosthesis is functioning optimally and that you are satisfied with your results.

Alternative Dental Implant Process: Same-Day Dental Implants

Same-day dental implants are an option for patients replacing a full arch of teeth. After your initial consultation, you will schedule implant placement. Dr. Binon will place four implants and then place a temporary denture that will serve as your smile for three to six months until osseointegration is complete. Once your jaw and gums have healed, a permanent and custom set of dentures will be created and placed.

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Missing teeth can negatively impact your oral health and overall quality of life. The dental implant process takes several months to complete, but the procedure results in an effective and long-lasting solution for many patients.

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