Am I a Candidate for Teeth the Same Day?

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If you're missing teeth, dental implants are by far the most effective replacement option. Traditional dental implants are an ideal solution if you only need to replace one or two teeth. However, this process is very time consuming and can require as long as 6 months to complete. For people who need to replace a full arch of teeth, there is another option call Teeth the Same Day which may provide a better solution for your needs.

Teeth the Same Day is a technological innovation that uses four implants to support a full arch of teeth. This treatment can be completed in just one office visit, providing a much quicker and more cost effective tooth replacement solution. A fixed dental bridge is attached to the four implants, providing a permanent replacement that will function just like your natural teeth.

Are Teeth The Same Day Right for Me?

woman getting Teeth the same Day in Roseville, CAIn general, this option is best for individuals who need to replace a full arch of teeth. If you only need to replace a single missing tooth, a traditional dental implant is typically the better option. However, there are other criteria that must be met in order to be considered a good candidate for the Teeth the Same Day procedure:

  • Good overall health -- Certain health issues may rule you out as a candidate for Teeth the Same Day. These may include autoimmune diseases, diabetes or osteoporosis. In addition, you must be free of gum disease and other oral health issues in order to undergo the procedure. If Dr. Binon determines that your health issues rule you out as a candidate, he may recommend dentures as an alternative.
  • Bone density in your jaw -- As with traditional dental implants, jawbone density may be a consideration in determining whether you're a candidate for Teeth the Same Day. The good news is that significantly less bone structure is required to accommodate the implants used as part of the Teeth the Same Day procedure. As a result, this is often a viable option for people who lack the jawbone density required for traditional implants. Teeth the Same Day use longer implants, allowing them to more easily fuse with your natural bone structure. In some instances, Dr. Binon may be able to perform a bone graft for patients with insufficient jawbone density, allowing them to undergo the procedure.
  • Smoking -- Smoking can impact the success of your procedure. While smoking won't rule you out as a candidate for Teeth the Same Day, Dr. Binon strongly urges you to quit smoking prior to undergoing treatment to ensure the best possible results.
  • Age -- Age itself isn't necessarily a factor in whether you will be a candidate for Teeth the Same Day. However, certain age-related health conditions may impact your candidacy for the procedure. During your initial consultation, Dr. Binon will review your medical history to ensure you don't suffer from any conditions which may impact your ability to undergo the procedure.

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