How Do Implants Support Dentures?

How Do Implants Support Dentures?

Dr. Paul Binon has worked with many Roseville CA residents over the years to provide full mouth reconstruction processes that work for their needs. Our team can also provide implants that support your dentures to minimize any complications or issues you might otherwise experience.

How Do Implants and Dentures Interact?

Implants are a unique form of dental treatment that replaces one or more of your teeth with artificial options. These implants are inserted directly into your jaw to replace a tooth and support your overall dental health. However, dentists and orthodontists have created what is known as "implant-supported dentures." This unique care option has become a popular option for many reasons. 

But what exactly is this treatment, and how does it work? In essence, it works by creating a solid implant base for your dentures by using a horseshoe-shaped design in your jaws. Once these implants are fully inserted into the jaw, dentures can be placed on top and will be attached to the implants. This approach helps to cut back on the need for adhesives and other types of oral appliances. 

Just why is this method becoming more popular with many people? It is often considered an excellent middle ground between implants and dentures, something to try before you have to replace all of your teeth. And they provide a surprising array of different benefits that make them an excellent option for those who are trying to support their oral health and keep their smile as strong as possible. 

How Many Benefits Do These Dentures Provide Roseville, CA Residents?

The advantages of implant-supported dentures are numerous. And understanding them should make it easier for you to make a wise oral health decision. It is particularly wise to get them before you turn to more extensive or long-term therapy options, like complete dentures. Implant-supported dentures are: 

  • Incredibly sturdy, minimizing the issues you might get with other types 
  • Work more like natural teeth than standard dentures 
  • Very easy to remove and clean without issue 
  • Enhance your gum tissue health and minimize damage 
  • Improve your overall bone and jaw health 
  • Minimize the need for more extensive and uncomfortable dentures

While it is true that full dentures may be necessary for people who lose many teeth, implant-supported dentures may also be an option. That's why it is essential to talk to Dr. Binon to learn more. He'll give you the help that you need to understand your therapy and make choosing the right full mouth reconstruction treatment option more manageable for you to handle.

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If you're interested in this type of process or want a full mouth reconstruction, please contact Dr. Paul Binon today. We serve the Roseville CA, area and will do what we can to help you. When you call (916) 786-6676, our team will assess your oral health and get you back on track ASAP.

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