Crowns and Bridges

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Dental crowns are one of the most versatile dental restorations. Dr. Binon can use a dental crown to address a wide range of issues and help restore a beautiful, healthy smile. During your initial visit, Dr. Binon will recommend the right treatment to address your unique oral health concerns. If he feels a crown will provide the best results, he’ll discuss the procedure with you in greater detail.

Due to their versatility, dental crowns are used in a variety of situations. Dr. Binon can use crowns to correct a wide range of structural and aesthetic issues. The high-quality porcelain materials used with your dental crown ensure that your restoration will be highly durable and blend in seamlessly with your smile.

While dental crowns can correct a variety of problems, they aren’t right in every situation. Dr. Binon will evaluate your specific oral health condition in order to determine the best solution to restore a healthy smile.

Missing teeth can lead to more problems than you may realize. The unsightliness of a large gap in your smile is actually the least of your concerns. The other issues that may arise can have a much more serious impact on your oral health, making it crucial that you replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

Over time, you will gradually begin to develop the following issues when you fail to replace missing teeth:

Because the creation of dental crowns is very labor intensive, some large commercial laboratories outsource their work to China. The current market share of outsourced crown and bridge work is estimated around 20%. The way it works: the dentist shapes the teeth and takes a mold of the jaw and teeth and sends it to the dental laboratory to make the prosthesis (crown/ bridge/ veneer etc.). Directions are given by the dentist as to how to make it and what materials to use.